Quarter of a century!!

Post date: Mar 27, 2014 7:15:58 AM

Or half way to fifty... either way, today has marked an important occasion in my life - insurance no longer counts me as an immature youth!! Particularly apt given yesterday we paid the full excess for an under 25 driver for the accident I had right before Christmas ($900 if you were curious, now it's only $400!)

So I'm writing this blog on the couch after s wonderful day spent with family. Tim and I had a picnic at Cornwall Park about 500m away from Sorrento where not even 3 months ago we had another celebration! We picked up Nana from the airport and had cupcakes with Una and Lou at Grey Street, before drinks with Sandra/Mum, Nana and Maeve and dinner at Da Sette Soldi with all Divers, Nana and Mum!!

All in all an absolutely wonderful day - especially after speaking to every one of you in the last 24 hours :) Did I mention I am writing this blog on my BRAND NEW IPAD?!?!?!!!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!! It is absolutely wonderful and will be so handy - I love it!

Below are some photos of the day. Love to you all! actually it's just one photo as I haven't got the hang of the ipad yet and it keeps taking my different photos that I select and changing it into 2 of the same!!! I tried...