there is more family . . .

Post date: Nov 16, 2014 8:29:41 AM


Candace, Katrin, Brittany, Marie, Nick, Barbara, Sandea, Maria, Louise, Mike, Tony, Jenny, Bex

To get this phot we did have to go down the stret to ask one of the neighbours to come and use the camera. Worth it!

So there is another side to family/whanau and it is also good.

It all started at Gran's funeral - at the time we couldn't get all of Tony's mother's nieces and nephews down to Christchurch and said we would have a family get together. At the time we worked out that the last time some of the cousins saw each other was over 40 years ago. After much planning today was the day and we did manage to get 6 out of 8 from the group together - with outsiders like me and Barbara (Nick's wife) and some offspring it was a great event.One of the lovely things about the day was that it was very relaxed - the conversation flowed freely - as if we all knew each other

We decided that the Evans' - Nick, his family and Katrina - are more like our family. Louise, who looks like another Jenny or Marie is as quiet as they are.

So here is a picture of relatives that look quite a lot like some of us