Protests are such fun

Post date: Mar 16, 2012 12:24:22 AM

I've written before about protests but there are two that I've heard abouth this week that I must share while I remember. Could also be that I am procrastinating on report writing!

Anyway over the past week the Auckland Council has reported on the number of noise complaints it received over the last year. As part of the report it lists the numbers of items that have been seized. remember that to have an item seized by noise control officers someone has to have complained more than once on the same day, noise control have come and assessed your item as causing excessive noise and asked you to cease using it. You have to have ignored that message someone complained again and noise control come back - so takes some doing! The list includes stereos, lawn mowers, chain saws, mobile phones, guitars and a ukulele. My mind boggles at a ukulele player that could be so bad and so loud.

So someone has protested about ukulele playing but in a more organized protest yesterday in Wellington author Germaine Greer was "glitter bombed" which apparently involves people getting close to her and then throwing glitter over her in anger.

This protest was about Germaine's "transphobic feminism" . According to the protestors this is "so 20th century". If I don't know what it is could I be guilty of doing it?

And Mark I do realise this is two entries without a picture . .