Goodbye Amelia Jean

Post date: Mar 18, 2016 6:4:30 AM

Rose's parents are both still alive but the contact with them is so difficult that neither Jamie nor Katie recall they have a second grandmother.

We are at airport heading to Dunedin today. Got word on Tuesday that Garry's mother, Jean, died unexpectedly on Tuesday. Funeral is tomorrow. We are going too. Tony of course has known Jean since he was 13, and I met her 7 years later. Only found out when I read the death notice that her name was actually Amelia (in the same way as Nana's name is actually Mary but no one knows that) Jean has been an important part of Garry, Rose, Jamie and Katie's lives and just as losing Gran left a huge hole in all our lives losing Jean is significant to their family.

I don't have a photo of Jean but this one of Tony with Garry I think shows two men who have been friends for a very long time.

We made a commitment a few years ago that we would attend funerals for our friends parents where we possibly could. We know how much we valued Garry & Rose coming to Gran's funeral and various friends who made it to Papa's. Melbourne would have been cheaper ironically.

All has gone really well today. Nice ceremony and here's a picture of the new house.