Look again

Post date: Jun 22, 2015 9:25:36 AM

It was great to have Maria here for the weekend. We used the time well despite some physical limitations - like crutches and bad weather on Saturday. Sunday was sunny, if cold, and we were taking a drive that ended us around Petone. Driving back along Hutt Rd we spotted the fern ball that usually sits above Civic Square in central Wellington. Not only was it not in Wellington; it was not hanging from the sky it was on the ground looking v sad. Apparently the ball has been hanging in Civic Square since 1998 - Maria was only 11; Adrian 15 and Mark 16 when it was first hung up and apart from one month in 2011 it has hung above Civic Square. It would seem someone or some people have managed to do what Wellington weather has failed to do in decades - damaged the silver fern ball. What we saw was the ball in the yard of the workshop where it is going to be repaired. Had to read about it in the paper today.