Unexpected journey was in fact predictable

Post date: Dec 26, 2012 9:33:35 AM

Gran a bit brighter today and was at least up and dressed.

Was the film an unexpected journey - probably not. The movie did follow the book closely - that did mean I struggled to stay awake in parts. The music was v good but again. Not unexpected.

I know Adrian will disapprove but it is a NZ must

The movie was as we expected - it does feel too long, could have been shorter with a little more judicious editing. Special effects v good. I couldn't tell the difference in the number of frames per second but then I am not a great film buff.

Today has not been such a good day for weather but we have survived. Following the family traditions of latter years we went to the movies - choice given to teenage family member. So to The Hobbit we went.Us and thousands of others judging by box office records.