A long way for an amble

Post date: Jan 20, 2015 8:39:4 AM

Yesterday was Wellington Anniversay Day so long weekend for me but for Tony, and teachers and pupils, totally absorbed by ongoing holiday. Anyway the Arthritis NZ volunteers in Whanganui organise an (almost) annual garden tour for Wellington Anniversary Day. There were 12 private gardens open for viewing 10 initially organised but 2 other people came forward last week and asked to be included. In addition as part of the vintage car weekend that was on one person had opened up their garage with its collection of over 30 classic cars - everything from the 3 wheeled Robin through a range of vintage cars and motor bikes. Usually I go to be supportive, and in past years Tony has been in Chch visiting his mother at this time. This year Tomy was at home, for obvious reasons, so he decided to come with me. It did mean a 400km round trip for us to visit gardens. We managed 7 gardens and the car place

Was a lovely day out. Nice to visit Whanganui again; weather great and people were appreciative that we made it.

Did find a red tractor