Post date: Sep 27, 2012 9:52:35 PM

Conference has been qyuite interesting. It is the 5th one of these, though obviously first I have been to. 22 countries represented and people v excited at the people who have travelled from Canada, Australia and NZ. Ironically the first speaker today, a geneticist from Leeds University I had heard give a v similar presentation in Wellington last month. Still interesting.

Best get toned early start tomorrow and I get to see Mark & Stacey again

As the conference didn't start till late morning today I got to take (another) long walk. Have been quite impressed by the statues in and around London some v old and some not so.Will share photos of two of the more recent stairs both are at Marble Arch so v close to the hotel. The horse head is pretty self explanatory and was erected 3 years ago, not without controversy, critics suggest it resembles horse head from The Godfather. I like it. The other statue I have been trying to work out, at first I thought it was Lady Godiva but the hair is too short, wondered if it was Boadicea, had to do a Google search and I discover it is Ghengis Khan and quite new.

I now wonder why the Brits have erected a commemoration to Ghengis but More puzzled by why neither of the statues had any kind of plaque saying what/ why.