It's all relative

Post date: Mar 10, 2014 5:24:52 AM

Last night we went to Palmerston North to celebrate Costin's 3rd birthday. It was a lovely evening - Tesh had gone to a great deal of effort and meal had many family favourites - hot ham (Mark probably not your fav), corn salad, a curried cauliflower and chickpea salad; morobar cheesecake (we think number 2 cheesecake for Rebecca and Mike sorted) then cake of course.We had bought a marble racetrack for Costin. I remembered how much fun you 3 had from one we had when Maria was little. As soon as Costin unwrapped it Chris got v ecxcited. "I remember one of those at the Kirbys when I was little. My favourite thing about visiting you guys. I liked the cousins of course - but Nick and I would plan our marble race . . " Arwen and Costin were right into it

What you might be able to tell from this photo is that Costin loves Spider-Man. He had a Spider-Man suit, cake was Spider-Man. All very appropriate for the boy who climbs literally every vertical surface