Out on the (London) town!

Post date: Feb 23, 2013 10:17:0 PM

Hi all,

My first post is also a last minute one...never was one for handing in essay's on time hehe :)

I am also notoriously terrible at remembering to do things at specific times but 'hey-ho'.

This covers the day of Saturday 16th Feb, just; because; going into London Town.

9AM: The Sims Freeplay


I start my days by taking care of my 'sims', this mobile phone game is usually the second thing I see when I wake up in the mornings...after Mark's lovely cheeky face. I am a lil' bit addicted...(to both) ;)

12PM: Haven't even left yet!

(Looking for cat ears on an excessive amount of screens)

At work (TK Maxx) we are "Doing something funny for money" as part of a company scheme to raise money for Red Nose Day or Comic Relief. which is a children's charity set up in the mid 80's (1985 to be exact) by British comedians.

I shall be donning a cat ear and tail combo, slapping a bit of face-paint on and meowing every time a customer says 'Red/Nose/Day' (wonder if I'll stick to it!?!) At any rate there will be pictures and I will try to get hold of some to post for the Kirby Clan.

4PM: Wha' wha' what?


(Along Oxford High Street)

So as ya'll have probably heard we here in the UK have been getting a nice dosage of hidden horse meat in our shepherd's pies...nothing too unusual methinks, considering the kind of things that normally go into processed meat goods mmmm mmmm

Give horsemeat-tainted food to poor - German minister

The above link leads to a lovely report on possible plans to give something back to the 'under-classes'...at least someone gets something out of it...right!?

"Germany's development minister has suggested food tainted with horsemeat should be distributed to the poor."

BBC News 23rd feb 2012

(Menu from our trip to Verona, Italy)

If donkey and horse meat is good enough for the Italians and French, well then, I guess it's good enough for me!

6PM: Chinatown

(Mark with bags of new clothes) (More Chinatown!)

We had just finished in Primark's and TK Maxx shopping for work clothes, a tedious but necessary venture (hence no boring pictures of mannequins or security guards). Although I almost wish that I could have caught a nice chase scene of a crazed shopper running for dear life with an armful of bra's and shoes.... aaah one day!

Chinatown is one of those places you can have many strange experiences (as you well know Sandra) I myself have been ill in a Chinese restaurant there (the plum sauce turned my stomach).

I've also visited one Chinatown restaurant which seemingly segregated its patron's hmmmmm. Middle-upper middle class folk at the street window level, working class people in the basement and what I can only describe as 'others' on the top tier which was appallingly dim and dishevelled (I often investigate on my way to the ladies, which was also in a pretty diabolical state). Of course this could have all been in my eyes only, social constructivist-esque.

Well I guess that's all for now, I look forward to documenting my Red Nose Day experiences and of course look forward to reading more of you guys/girls' posts :))) yay!