Post date: Nov 07, 2014 9:54:11 AM

Today we spent more money than I have earned in my life so far.

Feeling a bit like a grown up - if if's normal for grown ups to be terrified and feeling like Finn with his cake in equal measures..

While we went unconditional today we still have a bit over a month to get ourselves sorted, packed, insured and find new tenants for this house. Will be extremely sad to leave it but unfortunately, this house and this area will be out of our price range for a very long time to come!

Looking forward to starting 'proper' married life with Tim - living on our own and knowing exactly who failed to put their dishes in the dishwasher - and of course to have 5 out of the 7 of us under one roof for Christmas!!

Love you all very much and blessed to have a family as wonderful and supportive as you are xx