Games that cross generations

Post date: Nov 24, 2013 4:15:24 AM

Yesterday I was privileged to join Maria and four of her closest friends in a hens day. I know our marriage was so last century and that being v young and the first of my friends to get married I was not well initiated into the traditions. However my girls party was afternoon tea with Nana's friends. They bought gifts for the kitchen we had sponge cake and tea and it was all over in 2 hours. In only the second hen party I have been to Maria's event was somewhat different - took full day and involved brunch, kayaking, bubbles and nibbles, coffee, more bubbles and nibbles, games and laughter then heading into town for desserts, dares and bars.

The only part that overlapped with my experience was there were party games at both events - though rolling condoms onto a banana using only your mouth was not something my mother suggested or did with me!

I knew where to draw the line - and that was after condom games but before the bars. This line caused much hilarity and some shock to some of Maria's friends!