Not quite the aisle of your dreams.

Post date: Sep 15, 2014 9:46:55 AM

Loved an article in today's Herald about Dunedin couple; while I seem to have a large number of posts about couples this one (unusually you might think) are heterosexual. They got engaged - she asked he. Deal was as she did engagement he would organise wedding. No pressure.As far as she knew there were no plans. So on Saturday they went off to do the usual stuff - at supermarket doing shopping when she was 'flash mobbed' by family, friends and a brass band. Imagine hiding a brass band in a supermarket! Anyway she was whisked off to put on dress that had been provided and then she walked down the laundry product aisle to get married! He said " was all I could think of when my future mother-in-law said she wanted to watch her daughter walk down the aisle"

On a Saturday I wonder how the people who wanted groceries got on?