The Religion of Science

Post date: May 20, 2015 7:59:24 PM

Just home finished my commute home from work and today I was listening to Richard Dawkins' version of the meaning of life.

While listening to his Darwinian speech it struck me that he was indeed preaching the religion of science. Cold hard truths and patterns as observed through the scientific method to explain the meaning of life. I found it simultaneously Interesting/enlightening and sterile/depressing.

His main players were Gene's, Bio-morphs and Segmented embryos. Noticeably Lacking were more colorful characters - where were Jesus, Mary(s), Joseph, Moses, Cain, Samson and all the gang I fondly remember from the illustrated bible we had at Weston Rd in the sewing room.

My mind may concur with Dawkins, but my heart does craves something more exciting.

PS. WTF, does he live in the land of bells?!