Post date: Jul 27, 2014 7:32:33 AM

There is a lot to be said for people aiming to get world records - after all there are hundreds of people in Glasgow this week who have worked for years to try to do just that. You also have to applaud people who give up drinking alcohol so they can achieve a goal - again many of our athletes do just that.However there are times when I think "Mediocrity has some advantages" and even some people who should be encouraged to keep drinking - not many but Lee Weir is one of these people. He blames it on having cartoons banned in his childhood ( of course blame all strange behaviours on the parents)

Lee hit headlines this week because he achieved his lifelong dream to be in Guiness Bok of Records by getting 41 tattoos of Homer Simpson ( could have been any cartoon character but Lee had obsession about Simpsons ever since his parents banned him from watching Simpsons in his childhood) Gave up drinking to pay for tattoos.

What would Homer say? (WWHS)