Re-member me

Post date: May 07, 2012 9:42:40 AM

We are not long home from a Spirited Conversation (church night out held at a local pub and with a speaker designed to stretch the mind). Tonight was lecturer from Vic who spoke on the spirituality of Shakespeare. He was amazing - while we might have wanted to quibble with some of his conjectures he spoke with passion and knew and could quote large passages of Shakespeare to prove a point. I've written before about some of Shakespeare language still being in everyday speech but one thing that struck me today was his comment that when Shakespeare uses "remember me" it can be read as "re-create me" rather than do not forget. Remember being linked linguistically to dis-member and not at all to forget!

This image of Shakespeare created from Lego seems particularly appropriate as in fact the creator would have had to do exactly that - re-member Shakespeare