Just another day at the office

Post date: Jan 29, 2015 4:27:51 AM

Today's letter was a gracious reply from the palace. Made the Royalists in the office v happy.

Today I got a letter at work. This in itself is not unusual. The sender from today's letter is unusual. Postmark shows address as London SW1A 1AA. Did make me laugh.

It all started last year when one of our long time members (and most of the 4,700 people who are members of Arthritis NZ fit the long term category) rang me with a strange request. This lady told me she was a penfriend to Camilla and that every 3 months she would send Camilla the interesting bits of the Arthritis New Zealand magazine. As she was finding postage expensive would I mind sending Camilla her own copy. Feeling v stupid I did.