'Glamping' or 'The week my credit card went "ouch"'

Post date: Dec 17, 2012 9:55:15 PM

Hi everyone,

Expensive week for me here - have bought tickets to be in Christchurch for Matt (Oram) and Amy's wedding on April 13th then going up to spend just under a week with Mum and Dad on the 15th. On top of that I have just arranged my accomodation for Matt (Walker) and Chloe's wedding in Reparoa in February... it turns out that the on-site accomodation (the wedding is being held at Matt's family farm) comes in the form of 'glamping' or 'glam camping', with 'luxury bell tents' for hire complete with queen sized air matresses and lanterns. These are set up for you and packed up for you afterwards so all one has to do is enjoy... the pictures make them look remarkable.

Sadly this enjoyment has cost me $380 NZ for two nights accomodation so I am now frantically emailing Tyrone & Jane and Josh & Jenna to see if they want to share with me!

Next thing I have to do is sort out a suit - as Cole, Tim and I are the groomsmen for the latter wedding Matt has requested we wear grey ones... at this point I think I will delay the suit purchase until after January's pay!