Hasta luego

Post date: Jun 08, 2013 9:38:37 AM

I will be trusting Air NZ, and Swiss Airlines to have me viajar con seguridad (travel safely)

I will land in Madrid at 6:45pm Mon night Madrid time, 7:45pm Mark time, 4:45am Tues Tony and Maria time and 4:45 Tuesday morning Adrian time. Basically no one will be in a position to care!!!

However this time next Saturday night (9pm local time) I will be giving Mark and Stacey a big hug. Very much looking forward to saying Hola to them

My flight to Madrid has been brought forward 14 hours so I now leave Wellington just after my Board meeting tomorrow. Nearly packed which is just as well because I leave home at 9am tomorrow

Lily of course hated seeing suitcase - she is never too good with the Hasta Leugo (see you later)

Saturday night watching France vs NZ rugby. Looking for Maria, Tim, Una and Bernie in crowd, no sign so far.Earlier we went to part of WellingtonJazz Festival and saw Roger Fox Big Band - Wellington/NZ institution in its 40th year. Our own music history Mark. We enjoyed concert which attracted a good audience though not sold out.

Had 2 singers, both of whom sang well but neither would have made star quality as they were far from beautiful people. You could say full of character. Didn't matter as they sang wonderfully.