In transition

Post date: Dec 10, 2014 4:15:9 AM

Thinking about family this week as 3/7 of us up sticks and move house. There is a good reason that moving house rates up high on the stress scales - lower than death of partner but higher than Christmas or getting mortgage foreclosed . . .There is something's very central about your "home" - and uprooting is tough however old/young you are and no matter how often you do it.

We were reflecting recently that we have now spent as much time at 8 Ballina Dr as we did at 212 Weston Rd. We managed stability after 12 years of frequent moves and now feel it quite hard to budge.

So thoughts are with Tim, Maria and Adrian as they move this week. We will try to be nice - and if we can't we c an promise to "Sod off"