Post date: Jul 04, 2012 9:6:34 AM

Wonder if Chris or Maeve will become icons?

Today is 4 July which of course has much more significance in the USA than here. In our family July 4 is much more significant for the birthdays of 2 of your cousins - Chris and Maeve share this birthday with a mere 19 years between them! I can say that on 4 July 2003 I was in Auckland. I was meeting Maeve within an hour of her birth at Greenlane hospital. Can't say that about Chris who was born in Opunake while we were in Hokitika waiting for Adrian to make his entrance.

When I was a child 4 July was more remarkable for being the 4 Square birthday. I'm pretty sure Mr Hughes the local 4 Square owner from Hine Rd gave all the local kids a lolly on July 4. The 4 Square man has since become a kiwi icon.