We have a house!!!

Post date: Jan 20, 2012 9:9:10 PM

After much searching we relaxed our criteria for the perfect house and have ended up with a cute 3 bedroom "bungalow" at 42 Liverpool St, Epsom. Mum would call it the flash area but we are in probably the least flash part of it - nearer to Onehunga than Newmarket. But it has wooden floors, and lots of space, and its own little cocktail cupboard - kind of like the top of the china cabinet at home but it folds out of a wall!

We are very happy. Our house is gorgeous and our new property manager is lovely (I think she has a crush on Tim) and we move in on the 3rd Feb - which, coincidentally, is big brother Marky's birthday. Now all we have to do is find two more tenants, and somehow come up with the money to furnish the place!