I might not be real after all

Post date: May 11, 2015 11:47:44 PM

Today, because according to the Dept I do not exist, I went to Post shop (in a downpour) to verify my reality. One comforting thing - once staff at Post Shop had stopped laughing at the drowned rat who wanted to prove she was a person (me) - apparently there are many of us around who cannot be verified by the system and trek down to prove we exist.

Mind you thinking about the photographic evidence taken this morning as proof of my existence a hologram might be better! Can a hologram have babies? if answer to that is no then Mark, Adrian and Maria there is something you need to know - your existence too is uncertain

At this stage I am not yet real and Arthritis New Zealand does not yet have the grant we were promised in April. Both have repercussions . . . .

So last week i called the Dept of Internal Affairs (who happen to manage both the Realme and the Grant approval sites) That got me into another circle about whether I am here or not. Apparently not is the answer!

I am coming to think that I am a hologram. Taken 56 years to come to this realisation but it is building over the last two weeks. It all started when Arthritis New Zealand got word we had received a grant from Dept of Internal Affairs. To be able to accept the grant (which of course we want to do) I need to log in to the Arthritis NZ link to authorise/accept it. To be able do this I need a NZ Govt RealMe login

So being a basically compliant person I follow the steps as I am given them and I get into quite a loop. 75% of the time I get stuck on whether or not I exist . . . .

25% of the time I do exist and get asked to set up a profile to prove I am me. I have now done this several times - but the last step is "you will get a message with your profile" this has not happened.