Slow Times at Ridgemont High

Post date: Aug 15, 2012 2:26:26 PM

Hi everyone,

Am lying in my new bed - it is amazingly comfortable. I opted for royal purple sheets which Livvie initially turned up her nose at but now accepts looks pretty awesome.

Haven't blogged recently as I haven't had much to say - being essentially housebound will do that to you!

This week I have applied for a few jobs, including an interesting one as a Traffic & Local Laws Officer at a local city council. The application took about an hour to complete as on top of a cover letter they also asked me to detail how I meet each of the competencies in a separate document. Having completed this I submitted but after a short time uploading the three documents (CV, cover letter and competencies document) the website crashed! I tried once more with the same result. However, seems to think the application has been submitted and is being processed so the worst case scenario is that I have applied twice... at least they'll know I'm keen!

The other particularly interesting job I submitted an application for is a Project Officer for the Victorian Government dealing with people with disabilities, a minority I have developed a high amount of empathy with over the last few weeks. It is only a fixed term contract (finishing 30 June 2013) but pays a whopping $89 943 a year - I could certainly work 10 months for around $72 000! We will see how these goes.

The medium-term plan at the moment is to have a job by this time next month so I can get out of Livvie and Karl's way. Rose is moving in with a couple of friends of hers in mid to late September and they have asked me to join them - they don't have a house lined up yet. While I wanted to live alone I will see how I go with this lot and if I like it it would obviously be a cheaper long-term option.

In the short-term I am awaiting a response from VicRoads about an appointment to convert my NZ drivers licence into a Victorian one. As I have had my Restricted licence for over 3 years it will automatically convert into a full Victorian licence - feels like cheating considering I failed my test in NZ but here we are!

Tomorrow Tim is going to take me to the museum, provided they have a wheelchair he can push me around in. I am looking forward to the outing! As mentioned to each of you recently, Tim has a new boyfriend, a medical student named Hamish. I have never seen Tim this happy for such an extended feeling of time so it's great stuff. We may end up going to the pub tomorrow night so Karl and Livvie can meet the gentleman - I might cheat and have a pint.

Don't have many interesting photos to share right now but will take some tomorrow - besides the museum, the first flower has appeared on the pohutakawa(!!!) outside Cohuna Street plus the dressing over my leg needs to be taken off so I will show off my 15cm scar. I will attach a couple of photos to this post of the bed plus the chicken parma I had on Saturday, just to liven this text wall up a bit.