End of year trivia

Post date: Dec 29, 2013 9:20:33 AM

Just because I saw these facts over the course of today and thought you needed to know too

Did you know that "piggy banks" were a medieval invention - the everyday pottery for poor people used was called pygges. If you had a coin or two to spare you put in a spare pygge. Hundreds of years later when pygges had been forgotten the container for holding spare coins was still called a pygge bank. But by that time the pygge had been forgotten and the containers were made in the shape of a pig.

And did you know that high heels were originally made for men not women

We are in Rotorua en route to Auckland. Stacey is not alone in finding the smell strong tonight . . .Really is a place like no other in NZ

Only 6 days til we are all together