Blame it on Google

Post date: Apr 06, 2016 6:10:20 AM

Ok so all of us are total converts to Google Maps. We app it; probably daily we rely on it to take us from A to B. Mostly it is reliable but every so often it isn't. I know recently Tony and I were looking for an address inParaparaumu and the instructions on Google Maos included 2 U turns - so we were asked to turn around in a circle. We looked at the route and thought " A bit silly Google old friend" and then ignored it.Apparently there are people so wedded to following instructions that they unthinkingly follow them. So we get the stories of people stuck in mud because Google directed me. Today's news stories included someone demolishing the wrong house. Google maps showed only one house on site - they got there saw two houses. Demolished one - I guess they had a 50/50 chance if it being the right one. Made the news because it wasn't