It's a quirky city

Post date: Oct 09, 2012 10:53:22 AM

One of the things Melbourne holds a record for is the largest human wheelbarrow race. This record was snatched in 2008 when The Carey Baptist Grammar School in Kew broke the record for the largest number of participants in a wheelbarrow race from a high school in Singapore. You will be surprised to know that Nana and I have not yet tried this as a way of getting around Melbourne!

Having a lovely time in Melbourne. mark I think you might be the only family member who has not visited?today we aimed for trialling the "free and dirt cheap" options. before Adrian came here Marie gave him a book called "free& Dirt Cheap in Melbourne" so we have used it! did free tram which is a great way to get oriented anyway. tonight we went to a Greek restaurant recommended in book. Was great. Adrian and I think we did gothere 8 years ago and then its claim to fame was that the vegetarian platter jncluded octopus! we were unaware we were eating ina Melbunian institution.