Danger lurks in volunteering

Post date: Sep 26, 2013 8:28:59 AM

Tomorrow is our annual street appeal means this is a busy week. Not sure if this year is worse than other years but we seem to have had a v long stream of calls with callers who have got sick/got other commitments

It is also the first year in my six Appeals that has

    • Had a person die rather than collect (his wife timed the funeral so she still could)

    • Had a person end up hospitalised after getting his bucket - car accident on way home from office

    • Had a man lose his trousers - dog destroyed his trousers as he was walking up to a door

  • Had a staff member end up in hospital with a suspected stroke - fortunately it's not but she says she can't collect

The one piece of good news today is that the weather around the country has improved