Life getting gradually tougher?

Post date: Jun 05, 2013 9:27:13 AM

Oh and I was telling Maria I found a quote that fits many of our family - notMaria though

"Organised people are just too lazy to look for things"

I've been a little fascinated by the Canty University research into the increasing aggression in Lego faces. It seems when we were buying Lego for our boys in the 1980s the faces that were produced all had smiles, mind you the faces were also all yellow, not Pakeha yellow but Lego yellow. In the 1990s it appears that the range of face colours started to expand and also so did the range of expressions - in addition to smiles there were also scowls and other angry signs. In each decade there have been an increasing number of angry faces.It made us wonder about action figures. We have a sense that action figures were also pretty neutral in features but now have more aggressive features. Made us wonder about fighting Barbie dolls - but then Barbies were never really a action figure

And if you haven't time to play angry lego you can carry it around on your T-shirt