Post date: Feb 15, 2012 8:25:0 AM


On the good news front - I heard today that I do have a first interview for the CEO designate of the new Health promotion Agency (what will take over from ALAC and the Health Sponsorship Council that made the Piri Weepu ad). Having not heard anything for nearly two weeks I had decided that I was out of the running .

I should hear tomorrow if I have a second interview for Relationship Services

But not just mums - Dad's didn't get oversmoked either.

Mark you probably haven't heard that there has been a fuss here about an anti smoking ad featuring All Black Piri Weepu. As part of the ad there was a 2 sec shot where Piri was seen bottle feeding his baby daughter. The breast feeding advocates kicked up a fuss and the bottle feeding was edited out.

What on earth would they make of these???

his is one of those images we may never see again - and thank goodness for that is all you can say!You'll never feel "oversmoked"