Love conquers everything

Post date: Jun 14, 2012 9:24:50 AM

Earlier in the blog I was fascinated by the British secret service agent whose body was found in an overnight bag and there was some discussion at the inquest about whether he could have got in there himself.


I am not sure if the moral of that story is not to use a fire extinguisher when you are arguing - or if you are going to get put inside a suitcase to be sneaked into a building make sure you can't be seen by a helpful neighbour!

icking up this theme but this time from the USA. Woman from USA about my age but obviously with a record unlike mine . . .

She had been trespassed from an apartment building after breaking a fire extinguisher in an argument. Trouble was she and boyfriend still in love and he didn't want to leave the apartment - so he bought a large suitcase on wheels which she could fit inside and then he rolled her into apartment. No idea how long this was going on. and so far so good (well odd but not harmful). Helpful person saw man push a woman into a suitcase and roll the suitcase away. Called the police to report a kidnapping. Police followed where the person had seen the man roll the suitcase and found woman hiding in cupboard.

Kidnapping it wasn't - kinky it might have been. Apartment dwellers beware