Being with your mother could be dangerous

Post date: Nov 16, 2012 8:34:41 AM

Been a busy day One of my meetings today was at the Foundation for the Deaf. Although not part of what e were meeting about Louise, the CEO, showed me the new sound indicator they had developed and were selling to places like primary schools to monitor sound levels. The monitor has a green light when the noise levels are very low the monitor shows a green light; if it gets louder there is an orange light and if the sound gets above 95 decibels which is the level at which NFD say damage can occur there is a red light.

This all seemed very good and when only Louise was talking the light was green, as soon as I started talking the orange light glowed and when Francesca and I lauded the red light came on very bright.

So officially listening to your mother is bad for your hearing.

Not sure if all mother's have that effect or just yours!!

Tony's comment was you are probably safe from the distances - Mark is the safest!