Not one of his better days

Post date: Nov 27, 2014 9:22:43 AM

As someone who has spent hours working on submissions to legislation and having sweated over presenting my oral submission to a Select Committee it didn't feel at all like "chit chat"

He had to apologise for the comment later in the day - he said he spoke off the cuff because he was tired. Suspect the sentiment was real but inappropriate

Not one of his better days - and this presumably isn't one of his better pictures

It has been quite a week in NZ politics - only if interest to some of the Kirby blog readers!!

This morning as I was listening to the radio I was a bit taken aback to hear our Attorney general talking about the Select Committee process ( the part of making legislation where members of the public with an interest in the particular piece of legislation get to have their say on it) as "chit chat". He was at the time defending the government providing only 1 day for submissions on anti terrorist legislation - nothing serious just limiting people's persona freedoms- instead of the usual 3 month process.