Putting in a good word

Post date: Dec 29, 2016 9:18:5 AM

And a US poll has nominated "Whatever" as the most annoying word for 2016 for the 8th successive year. You'd think if 40% of Americans find whatever so annoying they'd stop using it!

Yesterday we generated a bit of hangout conversation over words that are being erased from dictionaries as new words come along. Our family may singlehandedly try to revive twice - because as Mark says who wants to waste the time it takes to say "two times"The 2016international word of the year is "post truth" - used 2000 percent more often in 2016 than in 2015 according to the Oxford Dictionary. I like the definition- referring to a time when truth has become irrelevant. Sad that we live in such a time, at least for politics if not for our family.