A few Melbourne photos

Post date: Jul 25, 2012 6:42:21 AM

Hey guys,

Here are a few photos from in town and Tim's tram stop on Lygon Street, including a beautiful Greek Orthodox church. Today I have sorted my application for an Australian tax number and have arranged most of what I need to do for an Australian drviers' licence. Work has paid out my holiday pay so I now have over $3 500 in my NZ bank account as well as nearly $2 000 in my Australian one - odd feeling having this much cash! I am going to celebrate by spending nothing and cleaning the kitchen before Karl and Livvie get home. Last night i made Japanese curry for Livvie, Karl and Tim; all were surprised by my ability to cook but I had to point out to the latter two that it was the first time since we lived together 6 and 8 years ago respectively that they have seen me prepare a meal and that Livvie only had the information she had heard from Karl to go on. Karl is now embarrased that he is the worst cook in his house!