It does Mata(mata)

Post date: Apr 06, 2013 7:56:34 PM

The other thing we introduced this year was teen leaders, four teenagers under the guidance of a young adult all of whom have had arthritis since they were at primary school. This group have been fantastic. The leadership by young adult has meant the group have taken to the team leadership really well. However last night after kids were in bed this group went with one of the camp instructors to do an activity that involves being strapped into a harness and while the other team members pull on a rope person in harness flies. But last night safety rules relaxed by instructor and one young leader hit the roof, literally. Had to be taken to A&E at Tauranga Fortunately no concussion and nothing broken. First camp in three where we have needed to visit a hospital so I guess that's good.

Best to breakfast now

Updated to include some hydro slide pictures - another activity I observed. Water for hydro slide Somas from hot pool so it was OK for us to do early this morning.

Apologies to Adrian but I will post separately about Hobbiton.

Because this camp was funded by Jetstar we had Steve Price, former NZ rugby league star, come yesterday. He was great. Parents, of both genders swooned. Was v funny to watch as parents pushed their children forward for a photo. Children, ESP these little ones were reluctant. One little poppet said in a huge voice "But I don''t know him". Mum's response "It'll make your Dad jealous". Poppet has photo taken but with v grumpy expression!!

This year age range is 5-12. It is always grounding to be with kids who talk about how their medication makes them nauseous, grumpy, gives them mouth ulcers. They have to take it on Saturday so they are well enough to go to school on Monday and then watch same child trot off to flying fox (that I wouldn't go on)

You have a picture of the 5-8 year olds lining up for flying fox.

Writing this from the camp for children with arthritis. Been v humbling. We have 35 kids with arthritis, each child comes with at least one caregiver and some bring other family so 105 in all.

I don't have a full group photo but this gives you a sense I think.