When the heat goes up

Post date: Jun 20, 2015 3:20:35 AM

His was the first interview in a sauna. Imagine it might be the last too.

Yesterday became a very hot day in NZ politics. Started from a seemingly innocuous, if silly, concept. Journalist looking for new angle does political interview in sauna Instead of investigative journalism we in NZ have sensationalist masquerading as intelligence. So with this concept journalist seeks high profile person to interview. Colin Craig (leader of Conservaltive Party; rich but not media aware - reminiscent of Don Brash and plank walking) agrees to be first subject. Interview is weird - like I imagine thousands of others I didn't watch original but did look on line to see what the fuss was. Apart from the shower scene - which was just odd - the rest of the interview seemed stupid but harmless. However not how party viewed it Apparently he had been told not to do media interviews without a minder to stop him getting into compromising positions. Oh and there is a slight matter of a sexual harassment case coming up too