The very good, probably excellent day

Post date: Aug 10, 2016 5:7:36 AM

Today is the actual 90th birthday of Mary Potter Boyd, usually known as Mabel/Mum/Nana.It has been special to be with her. As I have watched her all day being excited I kept being reminded of the book that was popular during our time with small children -Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. This for Mabel was the opposite - could have been "out of this world", or even perhaps "the best day ever". Certainly from the time she got her first phone call- around 7:30 it has been one where she has been bubbling over with happiness. 21 of her friends gathered today for a lunch that lasted nearly 3 hours.

There were the people she has known pretty much since she came to Chch; some church friends; some of her neighbours and of course Marie her hairdresser and some of the Thursday hair set people. Jenny came too and seemed to enjoy herself Quite an eclectic group.

In addition to the party there have been calls from many, including family, telling her what a wonderful woman she is, an inspiration to many including family.

Nana had requested no presents but donations to one of her favourite charities (that happens to have an orange gerbera as its symbol) so the cake and decorations had an orange theme.

As they were leaving Denis thanked me for the lunch and for the fact that the event would keep Jeannie and Mabel on the phone for hours reliving the day!!

So this is Mabel and her very good, wonderful, probably excellent day.