Booze as a theme

Post date: Aug 31, 2012 11:7:16 AM


Written late on a Friday night from

the office - life is v sad. But day got away on me today and I ahd a report that ahd to be submitted by 31 August - I made it (just). There is only the cat waiting for me at home so I might as well be here. That's a sign of a sad life.

Updates since my last post. The MPs yesterday voted on the minimum legal purchase age for alcohol - and decided to make no changes. Interesting given the grandstanding for the alst 12 months - looked for a while like the split age - 18 for on licenses and 20 for off licenses might have been favoured, but actually that was the first of the 3 options to be voted down. This is unlikely to be popular as the cartoon from this mornings Herald shows.

(Mark FYI context - John Key is currently at Pacific Leaders Forum in Cook Island where the leaders were carried into meetings on a chair carried by 6 young Cook Island men)

I noted that I was at the marketing awards dinner last night - as I already told southern hemisphere based family we didn't get an award which was pretty sad the night was still enjoyable. It was at one of the top hotels in Auckland. I knew quite a few of the over 600 people there - inclduing our former neighbour from No 6 Ballina (pre the Indian landlord) He still works for FlyBuys and was effusive. Booze flowed like water - food was v pleasant but spread over several hours and not in huge quantities. We saw a few people being carried/supported out by the end of the evening but of course not me!

You might like this picture which shows Dianne and I from Arthritis with 3 of the Abbott staff (Abbott funded the advertising programme so had a vested interest