Not the only one

Post date: Jan 10, 2012 9:56:10 AM


Take care and find your own balance between the need for conformity and the need to express your individuality

So far we think you are all doing a great job of that!

We heard today that Rose Grindley's father is seriously ill following a couple of major heart attacks. Rose has flown up to Te Puke to be with her family - which is not always the most confortable place for her to be.

Our thoughts are with her - fathers are still your daddy be you 14 or 54!

There is of course a fine balance between conformity of groups and group think. I suspect in the three decades of marriage we have managed this balance though I am sure you children will sometimes accuse your parents of group think when we say we are consistent!

There is a whole field of psychology concerned with group behaviour some of which is quite fascinating such as that groups form with little incentive and that group behaviour can both improve and reduce performance. Humans are a contradictory lot!

We are just in from dinner with John and Marg - they invited us tonight to share their wedding anniversary. We were there in Seddon on Jan 10th 1981 which we can tell you categorically was a Saturday and temp around 38. So tonight my reflection - I am one of a crowd. We have been married more than 30 years along with people we know well - Marg and John, Yvonne and Richard, Garry and Rose, Peter and Jenny. I am also now not alone in adding to this blog - thanks Adrian it feels much less lonely!