Post date: Dec 30, 2016 7:51:46 PM

The presence of one or sometimes two dogs, one of which is extremely quick, at Divers has come as a shock to the cats here. We believed that they would all be gone but it turns out that they couldn't catch Cinnamon who had previously been having the vet's version of psychological treatment. Think it will be undone now.

Being chased by enthusiastic dogs brings to mind (for you especially Adrian) the song, 'Oh Cinnamon, where you gonna run to?'

The little grey cat they say is a stray was also quite quick when the dogs chased it upstairs last night...looks like it must have escaped through a window. It lives under the house and Lily is often close to getting stuck squeezing as far as she can into the small space the cat uses!

Here's a picture of a ginger cat; couldn't get one of Cinnamon himself as he is elusive. Doesn't quite capture the harrowed, cat on a hot tin roof aspect of Cinnamon tho. He also has more ginger.