Not such a long pursuit for us

Post date: Jan 03, 2016 7:11:44 AM

Been lovely to meet grown up Craig again and his family. Watching Craig and Cathie with 3 year old and 7 week old reminds me of our early holidays - and how much easier holidays are without little onesđŸ˜€ This lovely photo from Tony shows Richard, Yvonne and Craig with little Katie Grace aged 7 weeks. Simpson's asked for photos as the junior Simpson's left so here is one of those too.

Writing this from Raglan - we are here for 5 nights with Simpsons. Craig, his wife Cathie and their 2 daughters (Sam and baby Katie) are here for a couple of nights. Raglan is on the west coast of the narrower part of the North Island - has the black sands of the Taranaki Beaches but the warmth of the northern part of the island. The Maori name for Raglan is Whaingaroa meaning the long pursuit. Took us only 1 hour 40 mins from Maria's house so not such a long pursuit but harbour is quite long.