Lily certainly does

Post date: Aug 19, 2014 9:54:23 AM

Same researcher also says dogs feel no shame - the sad face, droopy ears, stomach on floor response when found out getting into rubbish is not abut the rubbish at all. It is response the owner/person . The person yelling/ angry tone illicit dig response not the rubbish spread through kitchen. We probably knew that too.

So Lily might feel jealous but not shame. And knows a pumpkin is not desirable when she sees one

Now neither Tony nor I are much into petting either Jack-o-lanterns or stuffed animals but we know and play on the reality that Lily hates us cuddling or kissing. In fact it is a great tease . . .

In world shattering research conducted in USA researchers are saying it is possible that dogs feel jealousy.Came about because researcher had noted that her Shetland sheepdog kept head butting the pit bull if researcher patted pit bull but not Shetland

So large research study conducted where humans petted either stuffed (but realistic) toy dogs or Jack-o-lanterns in front of their real pet dogs. The pet dogs showed no response if owners petted, stroked or talked to Jack-o-lantern but more than 75% of them reacted negatively to stuffed animal petting. Can you just imagine the dog reaction to owner petting a pumpkin - now had it been a steak maybe the whole research findings would have been different. Can you just imagine Lily's reaction if tony or I started patting a steak while she was watching?