Cracker of a good idea

Post date: Jul 30, 2012 10:17:27 AM

Still been thinking of Adrian. Was lovely to hear him sounding much brighter tonight. We did laugh when he said he had to explain how he got his broken leg to all theses different staff members at the hospital - we had a theory that there were discussions in the cafeteria "Go see Kirby in ward xxx - hear how he broke his leg". But there is a much better accident that happened in Adelaide.

For this accident Police suggest "Alcohol may have been involved". If it wasn't then the man's mental/psychological state needs to be seriously examined.

So we have a man in his 20s at a party in Darwin. Party is in full swing, there are some fireworks around so man decides to let one off. But rather than setting it odff from the ground he puts cracker between his cheeks (as in cheeks of his buttocks) and lights it. Headline says "cracker backfired" (Groan). Caused serious damage and burns to His buttocks, back and "private buts". Had tribe flown to burns unit atAdelaide.

Once he has recovered from his burns he will also face charges for setting off crackers outside of the fireworks season.

Alcohol MIGHT have been a factor??