Not-so-nice Kitty

Post date: Mar 14, 2014 9:33:39 AM

Amazing story from the States yesterday when police were called in to rescue a family and their dog who were trapped in a bedroom by a psychotic cat with a history of violence.

Not a little kitten but cat about half the size of Lily (more than double Ket) at 10kg. Cat had attacked baby - parents pulled baby from cat jaws then took dog and selves into bedroom.

I bet Ket dreams of actions like this.

Family told police that cat had attacked before - they had reason to be afraid. But nutty people have kept the cat. You know that if a dog had attacked baby it would immediately be put down - but not aggressive cat. Mammalian discrimination?

Apparently family are seeking counselling - to deal with cat aggression or their own inadequacy I wonder.