Post date: Jan 14, 2012 9:24:32 AM

Hi people

Interesting commentary Maria. Hope you get a call back from one of the places soon.

We had Nic, Jess, India and Avie (Nic's mum) here for a bbq tonight. Avie was on her way home from her mothers funeral in Hamilton. India - as per all predictions is really tall nad looks (and sounds) a lot like her dad.

I got se

He correctly predicted - among other things

  1. Digital colour photography

  2. Mobile phones

  3. Prepackaged foods

  4. Green houses for fruit and veges (all year round vegetables)

  5. Larger varieties of some fruits

  6. Television

  7. Tanks

  8. Cheap cars

Things he predicted that have not proved to be true are:

  1. No more C, X or Q

  2. Everybody will walk 10 miles a day

  3. No more cars in large cities

  4. No mosquitoes or flies

nt an interesting link yesterday and was going to share this with you. An American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about what the world would be like in 2000 which were published in the august magazine "The Ladies Home Journal". His piece was titled "What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years"