Now we are 7

Post date: Feb 17, 2014 9:37:5 PM

Hey family,

This is Adrian posting from Sandra's account because the wifi here is what you might call 'a bit crap'.

We lost Gran yesterday, as we all know, but she went out peacefully and surrounded by her family which I'm sure is (to use a term I traditionally save for post-funeral drinking) what she would have wanted. Really feeling the Mark & Stacey-shaped hole here though.

This article by David Sedaris is one I read late last year and has been on my mind since. While mostly talking about the loss of his sister, the depiction of an adult family holidaying together and the knowledge that your family are always there for you no matter what are the images I keep returning to. I particularly relate to the line 'though I have often lost faith in myself, I have never lost faith in my family'.

While we have lost a very important part if our lives this week, the family she created and has helped shape is in excellent shape; she will live on with all of us both alone and together.

Love you all.