We will remember them . . . Perhaps

Post date: May 07, 2015 10:26:15 AM

I'll stick to socks on Saturday

It seems every day is an anniversary. Today, May 7th is Roast Leg of Lamb Day. The day we should honour roasted lamb. We had chicken tonight . . . .Saturday is lost sock Memorial Day so on Saturday if you have odd socks take them out and show your appreciation

There are some people who go to great lengths to celebrate awareness days A man from Otaki spent 6 months sourcing his costume for Monday. Part of it came from Arizona where the leather was handcrafted. Part of it was custom made to fit in Texas. As well as the cost of manufacture and postage the Customs Dept charged duty on these bits when they arrived. The other bits he made himself. But on Monday this man was able to don his Darth Vader suit and walk down the streets of to celebrate Star Wars Day Note being Otaki street is singular not plural.

With Otaki now mostly an outer suburb of Wellington it is pretty dead on Mondays so I am not sure how many people actually witnessed this heroic act

Adrian appears to have been thinking about Star Wars around the right day - his FB post notes that grammatically series should be Stars War.