Of Mbaqanga and Xylyls

Post date: Apr 29, 2014 10:12:46 AM


So xylyl is a word but irregardless never is

Been playing Word with Friends again -with Maria and Tim. Got massacred by Tim. Found myself reading websites with word lists for Scabble <sigh> as a strategy it didn't work.My most successful WWF strategy is just to put together a random collection of letters and hope they are accepted - strange combinations actually are.

Should you ever get stuck here is a helpful word TSKTSK. Of course to actually play this word you need to have a blank tile (there being only one K) which kind of spoils the no vowel concept

And what about mbaqanga (which is recognised by this spell check). Real word using Q without U but does need B As and G

Form of South African music.

Should you be very bored try this site