Flying Sharks and Other Dangers

Post date: Jan 04, 2012 10:9:57 AM

Been nice to be at home today and still on holiday. Thoughts are with Mark who was the only one of us back at work today.

Today Jenny flew home with some concern - both about going back to Chch and the quakes and about the news that pilots at Christchurch airport have been disconcerted by sights of flying sharks! There was a craze of these helium filled remote controlled sharks as an adult Christmas present. Designed as an inside toy there has obviously been at least one that got away. Man in Hamilton lost one through his lounge door and is claiming it has flown to Chch and could he have it back!

It would seem that Jenny's pilot either didn't see or managed to avoid the flying shark over Chch today as she landed safely and Adrian collected her.

Hope all is well with you all

Take care